Olive Oil & Vanilla Bean


This post was created over my craving of Portland’s Salt&Straw ice cream flavor “Arbequina Olive Oil.” Since that ice cream is only sold in Portland, I was left to create my own and it ended up being a pleasant challenge.


Huz and I had the opportunity last Fall to visit the Basque Country, a countryside province in Northern Spain. The province is well known for their seafood, pinxtos (“tapas”), wine and olive oil. During that trip, I learned how to search for top quality olive oil. To sum up the majority of what I learned, I found a good site (truth in olive oil). For my take on this ice cream, I used an olive oil I found at World Market, Villa Blanca Extra Virgin olive oil (first cold pressed). It is a product of Spain and has grassy and nutty notes with a hint of floral and spice.

Choosing the ice cream was the easy part. I went for my favorite vanilla bean ice cream made by Tillamook. The ice cream is creamy, sweet, and I love seeing the speckles of vanilla bean throughout.


Just drizzle about 1-2 tablespoons of your preferred olive oil over your ice cream.

The combination of these flavors are amazing. I like to describe it as creamy, sweet and mature. Enjoy!

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