Having a Summer Picnic!

Summer picnic time!
Summer picnic time!

There’s something amazing about summertime that just makes you want to spend the whole day outside. One way we like to enjoy summer is by having a meal in the great outdoors while the sun shines. And naturally, this means having a picnic with friends!

It also meant eating good food in a pretty place. We chose a citrus ranch park that had lots of lemon trees.Lemon Grove Picnic Basket_4We packed up our items in a picnic basket, brought some trusty blankets with us, and set up our picnic in the middle of the lemon trees.Brunch Picnic Basket_2A little confession: we talked about preparing some of the food, about maybe even doing a tiny blog post about what we made. But as the picnic day loomed closer we thought, forget it. We live in a great place that is populated by lots of shops selling good food. Why not just go buy some before the picnic? So that is what we did. We basically have a sponsored (but not really) picnic.

We bought donuts from Sidecar Doughnuts, which we believe have some of the best gourmet donuts out there. And we also bought a couple savory pies from Pie-Not, an Australian-style pie place. These two types of food made for a great brunch style picnic.  Sidecar Donuts_1 Pie Lemon Bar Brunch_2

Brunch Picnic
Sometimes you just need to stick your fingers into pies

Adalyn_2We hope we can encourage you to go outside, explore a little, and share a meal with a loved one. Happy eating!Brunch Picnic_3

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