ThaiTwist’s Papaya Salad


As a resident of San Bernardino county for a little over two years, I have realized how hot this area can get especially lately. When it’s hot like today, I crave for something refreshing, crunchy, cold and and tangy so I immediately thought of Thai Twist’s papaya salad.

A standard papaya salad. A typical thai papaya salad consists of shredded green papaya, carrots, tomatoes, raw green beans tossed in a lime, chili and fish sauce dressing.

The ThaiTwist papaya salad. Thai Twist takes everything a standard thai papaya consists of and gives you the option to add shrimp or crispy pork belly. I always choose the crispy pork belly.

Leah’s papaya salad. If I’m short on time and patience, I enter a world of taking other’s recipes and making them into new creations. Usually, this simply means adding more of something. This time, I added hothouse cucumber slices and more carrots. If I had cilantro, I would of added some too. And at the end you compliment a great salad to make a more personalized salad with more crunch and some refreshing herbs.

Refrigerate for up to an hour and enjoy!  So yummm!!

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