Skirt Steak “Fajitaco”


I grew up in a city infamous for its taco stands and had street tacos a few times each month with my dad, mom and sister. Tacos are one of my dad’s favorite things so this post is dedicated to him. Hi Dad! In turn, I have learned to respect the tastes of lime, cilantro, onion, bell peppers, corn tortillas and an array of meats. Over time, I’ve learned how to modify those flavors to suit a healthier menu.

This is my take on a skirt steak “fajitaco” – a fajita and taco hybrid because I include sauteed red onions and bell peppers and use corn tortillas. I love this recipe, it’s our go-to when huz and I are wanting to spice up our week with some homemade Mexican flavor.

INGREDIENTS (serving 6-8 tacos)
1 bunch cilantro
1 red onion
4 roma tomatoes
1 lime
1 bell pepper
Plain greek yogurt (sour cream substitute)
1 avocado
1 bunch radishes
Skirt steak
1/2 teaspoon of each: salt, pepper, cayenne, mexican seasoning (adjust per size of steak)
Corn tortillas (I prefer stone-ground, non-GMO)


  1. Vegetables and herbs 
    • Cilantro, tomatoes, lime – Chop cilantro and tomatoes and squeeze juice from half a lime. Set aside and let marinate. This is what I use as my salsa. I’m a fan of texture and simplicity and this pairs well with the cayenne spice in the meat.
    • Red onions, bell peppers – Slice red onions, bell peppers. Set aside. These will cook in the same pan after cooking the skirt steak.
    • Radishes – Slice, set aside. I usually like a little crunch in my tacos and these do the trick.
    • Avocado – Slice, set aside.

IMG_20160714_193816  IMG_20160714_193554

  1. Skirt steak
    • Let steak sit at room temperature for thirty minutes or so. *I’ve learned that meat cooks better when closer to room temperature just before putting in on the grill or pan.
    • Set pan on medium heat and add EVOO. Season skirt steak with mexican seasoning, salt and pepper, cayenne. Cook medium to well-done. Set aside. Slice into strips when cool.
    • In that same pan on medium heat, saute both red onions and bell peppers until translucent. Set aside ingredients.

IMG_20160714_193631 IMG_20160715_131519

  1.  Corn tortillas 
    • To get a “grill” like flavor on corn tortillas, I learned to “grill” my tortillas over stove top. They cook well when on low heat for about thirty seconds each side.


Assembling these fajitacos is the fun part because I like using my hands! Of course you can lay your ingredients however you wish but I find that this particular order is best: hot tortilla, greek yogurt, avocado, steak, bell peppers & red onion, cilantro & tomato salsa.


The crispiness of the tortilla compliments the tastes of the meat, creaminess of greek yogurt and avocado, crunchiness of the radish and the tanginess of the cilantro, lime and tomato salsa. Muy delicioso!


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