Philippine Mango Iced Tea


In anticipation for our Philippines trip this year, I find myself being more inspired by Filipino cuisine. I visited my local Trader Joe’s earlier this week and as I walked down an aisle, lo and behold, I spotted something heavenly – no sugar added 100% pure Philippine brand mango juice from Cebu.

This mango juice echos childhood memories of eating fresh Philippine mangoes. I find myself sipping on this drink and counting down the weeks until I get to see and taste first-hand the joys of the Philippine Islands.

– Philippine brand 100% mango juice
– Tejava premium iced tea, unsweetened (this is my favorite brand of iced tea, it has a strong and high quality taste)
– Ice cubes


Simply combine both ingredients together, give a stir, add ice cubes.
You can personalize these drinks by adjusting the amount of each ingredient:
– For a sweeter drink, add more mango juice.
– For a drink less sweet but more bold, add more iced tea.
– For a slushy, add all ingredients into a blender with more ice and blend until your desired texture.


Enjoy this little taste of the Philippines! Cheers!

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