Calamansi & Ginger Tea


Today I woke up feeling a little under the weather. On days like this, I get in the mood for homemade tea. Calamansi limes can be described as a cross between mandarin oranges and kumquats with a very sour punch. It is a citrus typically found and used on the Philippine Islands.

If you’re feeling under the weather and you are gravitated to try this tea, I hope it helps soothe you. But, even if you’re not feeling ill, this drink packed with anti-inflammatory and vitamin c ingredients will help boost your immunity and energy.

INGREDIENTS (makes approx four 12oz cups)

  • Organic calamansi juice – 2 pounds calamansi, freshly squeezed
  • Organic ginger – 1 medium sized root
  • Water – 2.0 qt
  • Raw honey



Peel ginger, cut in four pieces, crush and add to pot of water. Bring ingredients to a gentle boil. Tip: Crushing the ginger allows for a stronger ginger taste. 

While waiting for the ginger and water to boil, freshly squeeze calamansi and set aside. Tip: Seen in the picture above, I like to freeze some calamansi juice in ice an tray so it’s ready for me to use anytime.

Pour boiled ginger water into mugs, add calamansi juice and honey. Adjust calamansi and honey to your preferred taste. I like mine tangy and spicy so I tend to add less honey.


Pictured here with my tea is a bibingka – a filipino style rice cake typically made with rice flour, water, coconut milk and eggs. I purchased this from a filipino bakery.


Sip and enjoy!

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