About Us

Here’s a little bit about the authors.

Leah Abesamis


Leah is a lover of all things health, food and fitness. When she is away from the kitchen, you’ll find her on her yoga mat, in a fun cycle class or searching for her next outdoor adventure. She firmly believes that a minimalist style of eating (fresher ingredients with quality oils and spices) gives the best flavors and dishes. She knows that changing one’s ways when it comes to healthier eating isn’t easy but if her husband can make progress, almost anyone can! But don’t be fooled, Leah’s comfort food is a good tart pie with a dollop of ice cream!


Carol Choi


Carol is married to Samuel and they raise two children together (Karis 12 and Kaden 10).  They are originally from Seattle (go Seahawks!) but moved down to Southern California to plant a church. She is inspired by Pioneer Woman and loves cooking for her family. Carol loves to grow her own produce and visit small farms to support local farmers. Her guilty pleasure is a generous slice of pie. You can find her working alongside her husband, building a healthy and happy family.



Jackie De Guzman


Jackie loves hiking with friends, traveling to different places, and eating good food. When she’s not stuffing her face, you’ll find her working in the hospital as a nurse, caring for people. She loves taking pictures and having quality conversations with those around her. If there’s one thing Jackie needs to have with every meal, it’s lemon. She’s also a budding coffee lover and loves trying new types. She hopes she can use this blog as a platform to share all the meals she enjoys during her travels.


Katrina Henry

Katrina Henry

Katrina Henry writes with passion and eats with zeal. She’s been married three lovely years to her husband and they parent one spoiled dog. As a work from home wife, Katrina writes in her spare time while eating and snacking in between. Filipino dishes are her ultimate comfort food with milk tea coming in a close second. When asked for his opinion, Russell would describe Katrina as a lover of words with a dash of adventure.



Jenn Kim


Jenn has the eye for design and love for art. She is a full time mom to one adorable toddler, a wife to a loving husband, and a freelance graphic designer. Hiking and being out in nature is her zen. She is a coffee and tea enthusiast who loves to discover new foods to pair with them. Add something with sugar at the end of a meal, and you got a happy Jenn.