Healthy Chocolate Smoothie

If you’re into healthy smoothies, then I have something for you! I discovered this recipe the other day when I was craving a refreshing drink before a workout, but didn’t want to consume anything sugary or unhealthy.


After looking into my fridge, I threw into the blender what was surprisingly a good blend! This recipe is great since all the ingredients I used are items I normally have in my refrigerator or pantry. If you don’t have these ingredients on hand, they’re fairly easy to find at your local grocery store. Continue reading

Philippine Mango Iced Tea


In anticipation for our Philippines trip this year, I find myself being more inspired by Filipino cuisine. I visited my local Trader Joe’s earlier this week and as I walked down an aisle, lo and behold, I spotted something heavenly – no sugar added 100% pure Philippine brand mango juice from Cebu.

This mango juice echos childhood memories of eating fresh Philippine mangoes. I find myself sipping on this drink and counting down the weeks until I get to see and taste first-hand the joys of the Philippine Islands. Continue reading

Homemade Cashew Milk

Cashew MilkHomemade milk is my go-to when it comes to avoiding dairy. I love the taste and texture of a good nutty milk. Normally, we do almond milk in my household but when we want to switch it up, I’ll make a batch of cashew milk. Cashew has a richer and smother taste to almond, and it pairs well when you have a cup of it along with a hearty breakfast.

I never knew how easy (and much healthier!) it is when you make your own nut milk. Not only do you get to customize the flavor and sweetness to your liking, but you can also cut out the sugar and any preservatives you’ll find in grocery store milk. Continue reading