Honey Garlic Shrimp

The past couple weeks, husband and I haven’t been eating so well. And our bodies felt it. This past week, we decided To Eat Healthier, as one tends to do after binging on takeout food and feeling horrible. So, what does that mean? Well mainly, it means I add a ton more veggies to every dish I make. We also stop eating out. Oh the difference this makes.

Confession: I used to not like shrimp. I think it was somewhere along my pregnancy with Ari that I started to really like shrimp. Now I actually crave it once in a while. So for this recipe, I decided to go with shrimp and veggies for dinner. I bought some baby broccoli for this dish since we normally rotate between spinach, kale, asparagus, and broccoli for our dinner veggies. Plus, broccoli is great for sautéing.  Continue reading

Summer Rejuvenation

We are back!

A lot has happened within our individual lives: new additions to families, new travel adventures and exciting opportunities in work, life and play. During these transitions, we have been introduced to new tastes, visions and experiences with food. We are excited to continue to share with you the stories and recipes that surround our lives!

Leah visited Scotland, Denmark and Norway . She enjoyed its outdoors, road-trips, culture and food. She came back for a love of minted mushy peas and gruel (Scottish porridge)!




Katrina currently has her hands and heart full with her first born, Ari. He likes hanging out with the Honest Palate ladies, singing in public (but more like shouting) and chewing on little Ms. Sofie! Hey, anything to get through teething, right?



Carol had a good time hosting outdoor getaways. Can you imagine having Korean inspired dishes like: kimchee fried rice, miso soup, samgyupsal, fresh lettuce and ramen with this view?




Jenn had a special announcement this summer: her sweet first born, Addie, will be a big sister! To celebrate, Jenn and her little family enjoyed some quality time in Oahu, Hawaii. Talk about an amazing babymoon.




Jackie visited the Philippines and got to cross off another item on her bucket list: Mount Mayon, an active stratovolcano! She’s on to the next item on her list.




Cheers to the summer!

Fennel, Apple, Celery Spring Salad

With Spring season here, it’s hard not to notice all the greenery and super blooms that have been flourishing throughout all of Southern California. This salad  is my favorite “green” salad – refreshing, tangy, crunchy and light. The vinaigrette used for this salad combines fresh lemon juice, red wine and apple cider vinegar which compliments the ingredients.  This salad is perfect paired with a crisp flavor profiled chardonnay. Oohh la la la!  Continue reading